College Has A Language Of Its Own

What is a Banner ID#? Each Student is assigned an 8 digit number beginning with @ (ex. (@12345678) at the time of admission. This number is used to log in and receive academic information and to access use of college computers.

What is a credit (credit hour)? Classes are measured by the amount of instruction time required to successfully complete a course. For example, ENG *101 Composition, is a three credit course, which means it will meet for three hours each week.

What is a Plan of Study? (Also called a curriculum sheet) A required form to be completed by all degree and certificate students and signed by their advisors in their first semester of enrollment which lists required courses and planned schedule for future semesters. The plan of study is the ticket to registering for the correct courses for subsequent semesters

What is a transcript? A transcript is an official record of your academic history. It shows the courses you have taken, grades received in those courses, and your semester and cumulative grade point averages.

What is a syllabus? A syllabus is a summary or outline distributed by an instructor that states the main topics to be discussed in the course. It usually includes deadlines for assignments, class policies, and grade standards. Students are expected to abide by and follow the syllabus carefully.

What is a semester? A semester (sometimes called a "term") is one-half of an academic year. The semester system divides a school year into two parts, usually a fall and a spring term of 15 weeks each.

What does it mean to matriculate (matriculation)? Matriculation is the term that indicates commitment to a plan of study in order to earn a degree or certificate.

What is a prerequisite? A prerequisite is a skill or class required for entry into a class or program of study.

What is an academic advisor? An academic advisor is a faculty or staff member who assists students in selecting their classes for each semester using the appropriate program of study and the College Catalog as a guide.

Who is my academic advisor? Every student enrolled in a degree or certificate program is assigned a faculty member as their permanent academic advisor. A student can find out who their assigned advisor is by checking myCommNet.

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