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Secrets to Earning Top Grades

Secrets to Earning Top Grades!

To earn great grades, consider the following steps:

Study the syllabus.

Every course you take will have a syllabus or course outline that provides information about the course. This will include the ways grades are determined as well as other details ranging from the course calendar to textbook requirements. If you study the syllabus carefully and consult it frequently, you’ll gain key insights into what the professor is looking for and how grades will be determined.

Don’t miss grade-building opportunities.

Too often, students focus on major exams or projects, but miss short quizzes or skip homework assignments. Yet even if they contribute a relatively small proportion of the points that make up the final grade, every point counts. So make sure you take advantage of every grading opportunity. The same concept applies to submitting work on time. Instructors may deduct points for late submission, so it’s smart to make sure you always meet deadlines.

Go the extra mile.

In the classroom, trying harder never hurts. Practices vary with individuals, but some instructors offer students the chance to earn extra credit toward grades for specific assignments or the course as a whole. The possibilities might include optional questions on an exam, the chance to rewrite an essay, or consideration of an extra paper or project. At the same time, don’t be shy about participating in class discussions or group projects and showing that you are truly engaged in the class. At worst you will have given your best effort, and at best it might contribute to a higher grade.

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