Quinebaug Valley Community College
Danielson, CT, 06239

Who Produces These Projects?

These projects are the work of students in a variety of sociology and anthropology classes at Quinebaug Valley Community College as taught by Dr. Brian Donohue-Lynch. A number of these were originally done on paper and have since been translated in to electronic form for disply on the World Wide Web. Later projects will be done originally in electronic form as part of the learning process of each course. Eventually these projects will be archived as practical resources for further research by anyone interested. QVCC is a community college in the Connecticut state system. We are located in the northeast corner of the state, in a town called Danielson.

Many of the students whose work is represented here are "non-traditional" students: that is, they are older students who have returned to school after some time away from formal education. Many of the projects and reports gathered here were initial efforts by students to learn to use the tools and insights of anthropology and sociology, to ask the questions:

bulletWho are we, in our communities of northeastern Connecticut?

bulletHow can we continue to learn effectively once we've completed our degree?

As such, these questions are asked in the context of some of the following courses:

bulletANT* 101 Introduction to Anthropology
bulletANT* 105 Cultural Anthropology
bulletANT* 140 Health, Healing and Culture
bulletSOC* 101 Principles of Sociology
bulletSOC* 210 Sociology of the Family
bulletSOC* 255 Contemporary Social Issues

As further courses are offered, additional projects will be added to this archive.

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