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If you haven't seen one of these somewhere recently, where have you been @?

E-mail addresses seem to be @everywhere.com!
(Sorry about that!)

With electronic mail, you can do an incredible range of things on the internet.
Of course, you can send messages to others who have e-mail.

You can:

bulletWrite to Congress...
bulletOr The President...
bulletOr The New York Times...
bulletOr Newsweek Magazine...
bulletOr to a friend... (This one's up to you!)

You can also:

bulletSubscribe to electronic discussion lists,(listserves)
which then allow you to "discuss" topics with others, by e-mail...
bulletSend pictures, and "electronic greeting cards", or even electronic postcards to friends and relatives
bulletAnd so much more...
bulletFirst, you need an e-mail address yourself, which you can get by
subscribing to an online service (like  AOL, ATT, MSN....)
that provides e-mail. There are also a number of "free" online email services... they make their money by putting advertising on the opening pages of your e-mail account. But once you have an account you are linked to the world (or at least the parts that also have e-mail!). (Since these change periodically, do an online search for the most current services available.)

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