Quinebaug Valley
Community-Technical College
Dr. Brian Donohue-Lynch
FALL 1994

Picture of Present Church


1. Ecclesiastical Background

2. The First Westfield Church

3. The Second Westfield Church

Ministers of Westfield

Westfield Church Outreach

From early times Westfield Church has had an outstanding record
of concern and support for the needs of others, and for providing
supporting services.


At least thirteen of its pastors have built on their Westfield
years of experience in later assignments to other parishes.

Some fifteen to twenty former members have gone into the ministry.

Some eight to ten former members have gone into mission work, some
home, most in foreign fields.

A number of former members have gained national acclaim in the
field of education.

Foreign Fields

Westfield helped support the Kriska's in the Japanese mission field;
the Robert McGowan family, medical missionaries in Angola;
the South African blacks through contact with Dr. Albert Luthili,
Nobel Prize winner, as President of the South African National Congress.
Westfield helped support post-war families in Europe;
foreign orphan or underprivileged children through international agencies;
famine areas via "Heifer Project";
World Hunger via "OxFam".
Westfield gives substantial financial support to foreign mission work
via the Missionary Society of Connecticut, since 1953, and to
Vellore Mission School in India.
Westfield gives annual contributions to the foreign mission work
through "One Great Hour of Sharing".
Westfield gave assistance this year to destitute families by providing
for blankets.

Home Fields

Westfield gives annual contributions to the home mission work
through "Neighbors-in-Need".
Westfield helps to support the following agencies: Elon Home
for Children; Wider City Parish; Church Homes, Inc.; Charles
Hall Youth Services; Back Bay Mission; Upland Retirement Center;
Emmaus Homes, Inc.; in Puerto Rico: Ryder Memorial Hospital and
Evangelical Seminary; Seamen's Home; Silver Lake Conference.

Local Area

Westfield Church has opened its facilities to the following:

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