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A great resource....but be careful! It's a mailing list!!

A listserve is an automatic mailing list you "subscribe" to (through your e-mail) that could be on just about any topic. Often listserves are sponsored by academic departments or areas, but can actually be set up by just about anyone who has a special interest, hobby, profession etc. You usually subscribe to a list by sending a brief message to the "listserve address" (you need to find the one(s) you want) to "JOIN" or "SUBSCRIBE"... specific messages depend on each list. Once you do this successfully, you will begin to receive regular e-mail from the list as other people send their messages, questions, opinions etc. Likewise, you then can send your messages to the list, and they will be sent out to all other subscribers automatically. But again, beware! Depending on how active the list is, you could be flooded with mail very quickly... so choose your listserves carefully.

Further information and links to find out about "listserves":

bullet Archnet  Anthro. (a very good source)
bulletFind a Listserv
bullet A Practical Use of Listserves: Genealogy Research!

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