Peoples of the World

Welcome to Peoples of the World, a cultural anthropology class at Quinebaug Valley Community- Technical College in Danielson,Connecticut. During the Winter 1996 semester we have examined just a few of the indigenous cultures that share our world by using selected texts, various journal articles, and the Internet. As we studied each culture, we focused on some basic questions about each group of people, including:

How does their environment affect day-to-day life?
Where are they located, and what is their physical environmentlife?
What is the history of the group's contact with the "outsideworld," and how has that contact shaped the lens through which weview them?
What are some of the rituals and traditions that characterize this group of people?
What are the outside forces that are changing their traditional way of life, and how are the people's lives being affected by thesefactors?

Curious to learn more? Click here for additional information on theMbuti of Zaire, the!Kung of the Kalahari Desert, and theYup'ik of Western Alaska. You'll find a summary, gleaned mostly from the text, of important topics discussed during class. However, it is just a summary . . . take the time to read the excellent sources of material that you'll find listed one ach page!

This Web page was written and designed by Cathy Suroviak as a class assignment in Anthropology 205 for Dr. Brian Donohue-Lynch. Special thanks go to Dr. Donohue-Lynch and to Siamak Vahidi at the University of Connecticut for their encouragement and technical assistance.

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