Anthropology and Sociology   Spring 2011

Anthropology and Sociology at QVCC are two disciplines in the social sciences, serving as part of the core learning requirements for most degrees and certificates.  Most students at the college will eventually take one or more courses in these disciplines, toward completion of their program.

Along with psychology in the behavioral sciences, these areas of study focus on teaching and learning about the broad range of forces and factors that shape our human identity and potential.  In doing so, they also focus on the  range and diversity of human societies, cultures, and behaviors we see throughout the world and across time.

Courses in these disciplines are, in general, the foundation for students who plan to go further in the study of the behavioral and social sciences. But for an even larger number of students these are simply part of the wider range of general courses that round out a general eduation in the liberal arts and sciences. Both groups will find at QVCC that the courses we offer in these areas will serve their own interests well.


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