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Constitution & By-Laws

Learning in Retirement at
Quinebaug Valley Community College
Danielson, Connecticut

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws revised and accepted at the LiR Annual Meeting of May 19, 2011


Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be Learning in Retirement at Quinebaug Valley Community College, hereafter designated as LiR.

Article II: Relationship to Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, Connecticut

  1.   LiR shall be an independent, self-governing membership       organization under the auspices of the Center for Community and Professional Learning at QVCC. It shall function in accordance with this Constitution and the Bylaws as approved by the membership, the College authority and the laws of the State of Connecticut.
  2. The College shall provide LiR and its membership:
  3. Such physical facilities as are essential to the proper functions of LiR within available resources.
  4. The service of the College personnel shall be provided for LiR within available resources.

Article III: Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to stimulate and provide the means for intellectual and social activity especially for those in retirement, with peer leadership and group participation.

Article IV: Membership
Membership, with voting privileges, will be opened to all persons fifty and older, and their spouses, who subscribe to the Constitution and Bylaws and support LiR with payment of official fees.

Article V: Officers and the Executive Council
The elected officers of LiR shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their duties and authority shall be as specified by the Bylaws. The Executive Council shall develop and implement policies for LiR.

It shall consist of the elected officers, the chairpersons of six standing committees, and elected members at large, a non-voting liaison from the College, and the Past President (see Bylaws III.1)

Officers and other members of the Executive Council shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to hold office during the LiR Year (see Article VII).

Article VI: Committees
There shall be six standing Committees: Curriculum, Membership & Promotion, Finance, Social Affairs, Information Technology and Scholarship. Each Committee Chairperson will have Executive Council voting privileges. If the committee is co-chaired, only one vote can be cast. The Committee Chairpersons shall propose members for their committees for the approval by the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall establish other Ad Hoc Committees and/or Task Forces as are required to accomplish the objectives of LiR.

Article VII: The LiR Year
The LiR Year shall run from July 1 through June 30.

Article VIII: Meetings
The Annual General Meeting of LiR shall be held in May for the election of incoming officers and other Executive Council members and for a progress report by the outgoing officers. Special meetings may be called by the President and/or Executive Council. All meetings shall be conducted by Roberts Rules of Order. The monthly Executive Council Meetings are to include activity reports from each of the standing committees and any Ad Hoc Committees that may be in place.

Article IX: Funds
Funds generated through LiR shall be deposited into an account approved by the College and administered by the Finance Committee in conjunction with the Center for Community and Professional Learning. These funds shall be used for appropriate LiR needs as determined by the Executive Council in consultation with the Director for the Center for Community and Professional Learning, in accordance with the College’s policies and procedures. Fees shall be set, and special assessments shall be approved by the Executive Council.

Article X: Amendments
Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws may be proposed in writing by ten or more members and/or the majority vote of the Executive Council and must be submitted to the General Membership who shall have the right to be heard and to vote on the amendment. A majority vote of members present shall be required to approve an amendment.

Article XI: Adoption
This Constitution and Bylaws shall become effective after approval by majority vote of the General Membership at the Annual Meeting or of a special meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any meeting relative to the Constitution and/or Bylaws, including any proposed amendments, must be given in writing at least two weeks prior to such meeting and must include copies of all pertinent documents to be considered.


I: Enrollment of members
Membership fees will be charged each LiR year, as determined by the Executive Council. Membership shall be a prerequisite to enroll in courses or other activities unless otherwise determined. A fee will be charged for courses as determined by the Council.

II: Privileges
Members shall be entitled to enrollment in courses, workshops, seminars, socials and other activities, as facilities permit and the use of College facilities according to the College’s policies.

III: Officers

    1. President: The President shall function as the Executive Officer in all operations of LiR; implement decisions reached by the Council; recommend committee chairpersons for the approval by the Executive Council and to preside and report to the membership on LiR activities at general meetings.
    2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall act in the President’s absence, and at the request of the President shall act as executive and coordinator of special activities.
    3. Secretary: The Secretary shall prepare and distribute the minutes of the Executive Council Meetings and of the Annual General Membership Meeting.
    4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall authorize all expenditures, as approved by the Executive Council, and act as liaison with the College in LiR’s financial matters, reporting to the Executive Council. The Treasurer is a permanent member of the Finance Committee.

IV. Nominating Committee
A Nominating Committee, consisting of a minimum of three (3) members, shall be established by the Executive Council in February of each year. The committee will select a complete slate of nominees for positions on the Council and Members at large, to be distributed to the General Membership prior to the Annual Meeting. The Executive Council may fill vacancies which occur during the year with the members who will serve to complete the term.

V: Term of Office
All elected officers may serve a two year term, with a limit of an additional one-year term. Elected terms may be extended with the approval of the Executive Council.

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