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Financial Aid Night Presentation

We are committed to reducing economic barriers to higher education.

Financial assistance is provided primarily through federal grants, state grants, scholarships, and work study.

More than 65% of QVCC students receive some aid.

Most aid is awarded on the basis of financial need of the student as assessed through a federal formula.
How to Apply

Financial Aid Application Procedure

The financial aid application is a federal form. The only way to apply is at the federal website:

We highly recommend that you use the IRS data retrieval tool when applying as this may prevent you from having to turn official documents into the financial aid office. Learn more about the data retrieval tool

Helpful Hints
Using MyCommNet to Review Your Status
Net Price Calculator
Selected for Verification
Obtain Your Verification Worksheet

Are you over 24, supporting a child, married, a Ward of the Court, under the custody of a guardian or a veteran? If the answer is NO to all questions, you need to provide parental data—make sure one of your parents is available when applying. If your parents are divorced, apply with the parent you live with or last lived with. You will need federal tax returns, social security numbers, records of untaxed income and assets.

Federal Student Aid Web Site

Helpful hints for the FAFSA

  1. Make sure all social security numbers, date of births and name spellings are accurate. If they are not, your FAFSA will not be processed.
  2. Make sure you include your parents’ and/or step-parents’ data if required (see above). Without this information, your FAFSA will not be processed.
  3. If you are able to, make sure you use the IRS data-match functions.
  4. Make sure you list QVCC—school code 010530—as the school to receive the information. If QVCC is not listed, we will not get your financial aid information.
  5. Make sure you complete the FAFSA fully and then click on the button to “Submit my FAFSA Now.” You will get a confirmation code that your FAFSA has been submitted. Make sure you write the confirmation number down.
  6. We will receive your FAFSA approximately two weeks after you apply. Make sure that you are in a financial aid eligible program at QVCC. In addition, keep your tax returns in a safe place. If the federal government selects you for verification, you will have to provide a tax return transcipt form the IRS (obtained at
    Monitor your financial aid through your myCommNet account at

Selected for Verification?
If you have been selected for verification, you need to submit certain documents to the Financial Aid Office before we can process your financial aid. Verification is a normal process. The federal processor selects about 40% of all applicants for verification. It is possible to be selected for verification each year.

Obtain Your Verification Worksheet

  1. Login to MyCommNet using your NetID & Password
  2. Click on upper right screen: Banner Self-Service
  3. Click on Financial Aid, My Eligibility, Select Aid Year, Unsatisfied Requirements, Click on Verification Worksheet link to print.

Net Price Calculator 
The Net Price Calculator is a tool to help you determine costs at QVCC. Financial aid uses a budget of all expenses including living (non-direct costs). These non-direct costs are typically already being paid even if you did not attend school (rent, food, utilities, etc). As QVCC is a commuter school we do not offer dormitories. The net price calculator includes both non-direct (living) and direct (tuition and fees; books and supplies) costs. To attend QVCC, the only section of the budget for which you will receive a bill is the tuition and fees section. QVCC is dedicated to meeting direct costs for all financial aid eligible students through various grant programs. For more information contact the financial aid office at 860-932-4003.

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