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Basic Skills Assessment


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To help you start with a solid college foundation, the Basic Skills Assessment (BSA) using the Accuplacer Online system is used to  determine the appropriate math and English courses for you to enroll in at the college. The test includes: reading comprehension, sentence skills, arithmetic and/or algebra. 

The results will be used by an advisor to help students select courses that are most appropriate.

Do I need to take the BSA?
QVCC requires that the following students take the BSA:
  • All new students enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • Any student transferring to QVCC who has not successfully completed both an English composition and a college level Mathematics course at another college.
  • Any QVCC student who has not taken the BSA and has accumulated 6 or more credits.
  • Any student registering for a course with a Math or English prerequisite.
Exemption from BSA
If you meet the following criteria you are not required to take the BSA:

  • Students who have completed an associate, bachelor's or higher college degree.
  • Transfer students who submit official transcripts showing proof of successful completion of both an English composition and college level Mathematics course.
  • Non-degree students seeking to enroll in an occasional course for personal enrichment, or for no more than six (6) credits.
  • Students who have taken the SAT or ACT and scored at a level that makes them exempt.
    • SAT: Critical reading OR Writing = 450 or higher; Math = 500 or higher

    • ACT: English = 21 or higher OR English & Reading combined = 47 or higher; Math 18-21

Exemption Form needs to be submitted to the Student Success Center, with required documentation.

What do I need to bring?
The assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Plan your time accordingly.
  • Please bring:
    • Photo ID (Required for testing)
    • Banner Student ID Number (located on your QVCC acceptance email/letter)
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your Basic Skills Assessment is scheduled to begin. If you arrive late you will have to reschedule your appointment.
  • Dress in layers; the testing room may be warmer or cooler than you would prefer.
  • QVCC does not use the Written Essay portion of the BSA.
  • Paper and pencils will be provided by the administrator. Do not bring calculators, books, or notes.
  • The assessment is un-timed, computerized, and multiple choice.
  • You cannot "pass" or "fail" the skills assessment, but it is very important that you do your very best on these assessments so that you will have an accurate measure of your academic skill.
Students with Disabilities

If you have a physical or other disability that will prevent you from taking the assessments under standard conditions or format, contact the Learning Disabilities Specialist, Christopher Scarborough, 860-932-4145, before scheduling your appointment.

English as a Second Language
If English is not your first language, in most cases you should take the ESL Test, which is specially designed to measure the skills of students like you & those who are not native speakers of English. The test will determine your ESL level or place you into a mainstream English course if that is more appropriate for you.

The test has two parts: (1) 40 multiple-choice questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading comprehension, and (2) an essay you will write by hand.

The test is in English, and all instructions are given in English. You cannot use a dictionary or an electronic translator, and you cannot bring friends or family members into the testing room to interpret for you. We want to measure your English skills in order to match you with the class that can best help you.

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